Reduce energy consumption

Regulations but also employees, shareholders, customers and citizens are now putting pressure on companies in terms of environmental and energy transition. The awareness of a scarcity of resources leads to an acceleration of innovation, changes in behavior and organization.

There are many levers to activate and the role of EPSA Innovation & Energy is to help companies to play on the entire range in a systemic approach.

Our method

  • Preparation for the implementation of the ISO 50001 standard

  • Management of consumption

  • Evolution of uses

  • Investments

  • Associated funding

the EPSA innovation & energy touch

Our added value

A multidisciplinary approach combining industrial skills, fiscal and financial expertise, behavioral sciences in order to offer our clients an approach activating all optimization levers at the same time as all incentive mechanisms and / or subsidy measures.

Your goals our solutions

We carry out the audit, establish the action plan and its implementation.

We activate all aid or monetization systems in order to provide you with the best ROI on your initiatives.

We analyze the available data, define the objectives, deduce the action plans, measure the results obtained, and finally correct the deviations.

meet our expert

« Any modification within the tangible and intangible infrastructures (purchase, extension, adaptation, transformation, upgrading, etc.) of public or private entities can lead to a reconsideration of the energy profile of the structure. In many cases, significant savings and partial or total coverage of the amount of investments or works can be achieved as a result of Energy Saving Certificates. »

Frédéric Jamet – Innovation & Energy Director

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