Innovation with funding support

Our teams specialized in funding windows, sometimes from administrations or funding organizations, know every detail of the formation and instruction on financing projects, be it tax credits or grants. They support you throughout the process, from structuring and writing the file to funds collection.

Today, we are a key player in innovation, with possible support for financing innovation regardless of the size of the company and of the innovation project.
We are able to find financing (loans, grants, tax systems) both for project initiators and for CAC 40 companies with many references thanks to our different brands.

Our expertise will allow you to seek not all possible devices, but those that meet the needs of your situation. We will explain to you our strategy of seeking financial aid in order to best combine the various possible mechanisms.

Our areas of action

Tax credit and JEI

Help innovation

European projects

Investment Aid

Funding strategy

Why EPSA Innovation & energy ?

Our added value

Relying on specialized teams per window, EPSA Innovation & Energy thus has success rates well above average in obtaining national or European funding. We know the trainers within the funding organizations which allows us to fully understand all the “unwritten” factors to bring a project to fruition.

Our teams are also able to establish a comprehensive funding strategy, following a diagnosis, to link your roadmap projects with an associated financing roadmap.

Our references

Maison du café
Desjoyaux piscines

meet our expert

“Any project can be ‘subsidized ‘ It is imperative to be ahead of this, that is to say before signing quotes, and to carry out an audit very quickly to find out whether the amount of the subsidy that the company can obtain is sufficiently significant to submit the documentation to the competent bodies. Our business is also based on a very high level of expertise in CIR mechanisms.”

Frédéric Jamet – Innovation & Energy Director

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