Secure my innovative projects

Innovation is by definition a risky process, in some cases of it not being very compatible with the financial management imposed in certain companies.

They forget that today there are tools, methods and project portfolio construction models that develop innovations in Agile mode that can limit the costs and risks.

Our method

  • Diagnosis of your project portfolio and your management indicators

  • Support for accelerating and pivoting projects

  • Delegation of project managers

The EPSA innovation & energy touch

Our added value

Our teams will make certain skills available to you to secure the development of your project such as diagnostic tools that make it possible to make an uncompromising inventory of your projects in entrepreneurial mode and methods inspired by LEAN START-UP to develop your innovations in iterative loops.

Your goals our solutions

After carrying out a diagnosis, we deploy our recommendations specifically for each project and adapt the monitoring method (coaching, tight management, outsourcing).

We can delegate one of our consultants within your company for a period of several months, which will make it possible both to carry out punching and fundraising actions on the management of your projects.

meet our expert

« Our perfect mastery of methods and models of project constitution allows us to develop innovations according to the Agile method to limit costs and risks. Our attentive support to your teams allows you to give your projects a boost ! »

Frédéric Jamet – Innovation & Energy Director

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