Benefit from advantageous tax mechanisms

For many years, France has been implementing one of the most attractive sets of tax measures in the world in order to encourage the development of research and innovation within the companies established in its territory. Although these measures are well known, they are subject to regular changes, notably due to the evolution of tax audit practices and an abundance of case law. At the same time, companies are not always well prepared to provide all the elements necessary for the proper justification of files.

EPSA Innovation & Energy’s role is to help its clients optimize and secure their tax returns by fully controlling regulations, controlling risks and organizing missions adapted to the profile of each client.

Nos domaines d’action

Research Tax Credit (CIR)

Innovation Tax Credit (CII)

Young innovative company status (JEI)

the EPSA innovation & energy touch

Our added value

Whether you are a start-up or a large group, we adapt our approach to your structure and your maturity. Our exclusive methodology for analyzing the technical and financial perimeters guarantees superior completeness of the amounts declared, an approach recognized by many large French groups and which has been validated each time by the Tax Administration.

We have also developed a diagnostic and risk analysis tool which enables the risk study of a CIR or CII file to be carried out in a short time, an approach highly appreciated by several investment funds.

Your goals our solutions

Whether your need is oriented towards optimization or security, we apply our exclusive method of perimeter analysis and use our diagnostic tool to quickly give you an opinion on the quality of your file.

We seek to make life easier for your teams by deploying the most appropriate tools for your organization. In all cases, we help your employees develop their skills and provide the templates and tools allowing them to structure their data.

We are one of the rare consulting companies to use tax rulings very regularly in order to guarantee our clients a sustainable approach.

Do you want to entrust us only with the drafting of your technical supporting files or ask us to review your files? We prepare the service you need precisely.

meet our expert

« Our teams support you in optimizing and securing your statement thanks to full control of the regulations. Our methodology allows us to carry out a risk analysis of your CIR or CII files in order to gain in efficiency.»

Frédéric Jamet – Innovation & Energy Director

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